McDonald v Chicago

Today is the last day of this session for SCOTUS.  They are supposed to rule today on McDonald v Chicago.  This case is critical in the fight for our 2nd amendment rights.  It would overturn the long-standing, unconstitutional Chicago gun ban, and would open up gun rights across the United States!  For a complete run-down of news stories leading up to the ruling you can go here:

NRA-ILA: McDonald V Chicago

Richard Daley is an idiot for thinking that taking away Americans’ rights to own guns will reduce crime.  Chicago is one of the more crime ridden areas in this country, and this ban has been in place since 1982.  It has clearly not worked.  In DC v Heller, they ruled the ban in DC unconstitutional; however, this only applied to federal gun laws and districts.  McDonald v Chicago will apply to state and local government abilities to limit our second amendment rights unconstitutionally.  This will be a landmark decision either way, but speculation is that the Chicago ban will be lifted under this decision!  We can only hope!

Well folks, that’s all for now, and remember to always watch your six!

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