SmartCarry Review


I have been meaning to write this review for quite some time.  I purchased this item several years ago as my second attempt at concealed carry.  The holster itself is fairly simple in design.  It is a cloth holster with elastic nylon webbing straps that wrap around your waist and velcro together.  The main pouch (for lack of a better word) contains two separate compartments.  One is designed for the weapon, and the other is designed for a spare magazine.  They do have a higher end model that contains a 3rd compartment for holding money, keys, etc.  The holster is available in a wide array of gun and waist sizes.  As far as concealed carry products go, it is relatively inexpensive.

SmartCarry Holster


The holster is very comfortable to wear, and effectively conceals anything I’ve tried to use.  Mine is a small one that accommodates my Ruger SP-101 perfectly.  I’ve also used it effectively with my Springfield Armory XD 9mm sub-compact and my Wilson Combat ADP.  Comfort is based on the tightness with which it is applied.  If you make it too loose, then it will not stay put as well.  This isn’t too big of a problem if you’re wearing jeans; however, if you’re wearing loose shorts or nylon workout pants (or similar), this will make it uncomfortable as it shifts around.  For me, the less a weapon moves the more comfortable it is.  Getting the tightness level correct just takes some practice.  I have gotten it down now to where it is very comfortable for me, and I can get it on in just a matter of seconds.


The holster is made only of cloth which I knew before ordering one.  That said, the only problem I’ve had is with the velcro at the corner of one of the straps coming unstitched.  A few seconds under my wife’s sewing machine fixed that problem up.  It’s been fine ever since.  When it gets dirty I can easily throw it in the wash and it comes out looking brand new.  I’ve had no issues with Rust on my guns as a result of perspiration.  The holster is supposed to incorporate some type of moisture barrier to prevent that, and it must be effective since that hasn’t been an issue.  The holster causes absolutely no wear on the gun whatsoever.  Clearly this type of holster will never last as long as a custom leather or kydex holster; however, it’s a fraction of the price of one of those others.  That said, mine is now 3 years old and looks brand new!


The real beauty of this holster is the deep concealment it provides.  There simply is no comparison from any other product.  It literally disappears when I put it on.  I’m not one that worries about “printing” or a “bulge” on my hip since most people are completely oblivious to anyone other than themselves, but there are times when I would prefer a slightly deeper concealment either because of a wardrobe requirement or the location where I’ll be going.  If I’m wearing dress slacks, I usually have my SmartCarry on underneath them because my dress belts simply aren’t rigid enough to support a weapon comfortably, and the SmartCarry requires no belt at all.  It is also perfect for working out.  The only downside to it is that the draw is markedly slower than drawing from an IWB (In-Waist-Band) holster on your hip, and if you’re seated the draw can be even slower.


The bottom line is that I wouldn’t consider my holster collection complete without one of these beauties, but I wouldn’t want this for my every day carry solution either.  For times when deep concealment is needed, or when your clothes don’t really support a more traditional concealment holster, this can be an invaluable asset.  The truth is that there simply is not a single solution to concealed carry.  An effective concealed carry regimen will consist of multiple holsters, weapons, and clothes to help facilitate all situations you may encounter.  I hope this helps you decide if the SmartCarry is right for you.

Well folks, that’s all for now, and remember to always watch your six!

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