D.M. Bullard Dual Carry Holster Review

I am the proud owner of two of Mr. Bullard’s Dual Carry holsters.  I have one for my XD 9″ subcompact, and I have one for my Glock 30.  The Glock 30 holster is a slightly newer design that has the added mouth reinforcement for easy, one-handed re-holstering.  Other than that, the two holsters are identical.  I must say that the craftsmanship on these holsters is outstanding.  I haven’t had a single negative thing to say about them.  Both of these weapons are fairly thick, and they are slightly more difficult to conceal than other firearms.  Despite that, the Dual Carry holster makes them virtually disappear.  I do not have to wear crazy Hawaiian shirts, photography vests, etc.  They disappear with even a regular plain t-shirt.  The holster is also super comfortable.

When I first ordered my holster, Mr. Bullard only had the black metal clips (shown below).  I didn’t care for these as much, but he now offers an optional belt loop option (shown above).  I highly recommend this option, as it makes the holster more comfortable, and ensures that you don’t accidentally pull it out on a draw.  I have since ordered two sets of those belt loops so I can put them with both holsters.  The problem I had with the metal clip was that it folded out at the bottom and sliced a hole through one of my shirts.  Not a big deal, but I find the loops just an all around better choice.

DM Bullard Dual Carry Holster with Clips

DM Bullard Dual Carry Holster with Clips


  • Super Comfortable – I can’t say enough about this, it goes on when I get up, and comes off before bed.  I literally cannot even tell it’s there.
  • Very Concealable – Even a wide framed gun like an XD or Glock easily disappears.
  • Very High Quality – I wear this holster every day for over a year now with no noticeable wear on the holster.
  • Excellent Retention – The gun is tight enough that I had to break it in a bit, but I have no problems drawing when I need to.
  • Reinforced Mouth – I can easily re-holster with one hand with either version, but the strap pictured in the top photos on the mouth does help to prevent collapsing.
  • IWB/OWB – This holster can be worn OWB; however, I have never tried this.
  • Tuckable – My mounting the belt loops or clips correctly, this holster can be tuckable.  I don’t normally do this; however, I have, on occasion tried it to great effect.
  • Form – Perfectly conforms to my weapon, just as a custom holster should
  • Cost – approximately $70.00 – Most custom holsters go for significantly more, and the quality of this one is top notch.
  • Wait Time – I ordered one about 6 months ago for my Glock, and at the time the wait was only about 3 weeks.  Many holster manufacturers are experiencing over an 18 month wait.


  • The only negative thing I could come up with is that the screws on the belt loops tried to work loose a few times, but I put a small drop of clear nail polish on the threads and this fixed it right up.  I can still unscrew the screw if I need to but it no longer works loose.


I cannot stress enough how pleased I am with these holsters.  I will definitely be buying one for my Ruger SP-101 that I recently purchased.  I would have no reservations whatsoever recommending Mr. Bullard’s holsters to anyone looking for a custom concealment holster.  I have not tried anything other than the Dual Carry; however, I plan to in the near future.  I also plan to order one of his belts to go with my rig.

Well folks, that’s all for now, and remember to always watch your six!

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